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10 Interesting Hummingbird Facts

Do you love those sometimes elusive, beautiful, and quick moving birds that visit your nectar feeders every year?  If you want to learn more about them, check out 10 interesting facts you should know about hummingbirds.

#10 : Hummingbirds consume twice their body weight in nectar every day.

#9 : Hummingbirds are very territorial and guard your feeder.  Since they need so much food (fuel) and starve easily, they will protect the food sources that they find.

#8.  Hummingbirds' beaks have adapted to the types of flowers they feed from.  Some species have short bills, where others have long bills to enable to feed from deep flowers.

#7.  Although hummingbirds will feed from flowers of any color, they are drawn to red, orange, and bright pink flowers.  These flowers contain high levels of sucrose, rather than glucose or fructose.

#6.  A hummingbird's wings can beat up to 100 times per second.

#5.  A hummingbird will shake like a dog to remove rain from their bodies while they are flying.

#4.  While in flight, hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any animal (excluding insects).

#3.  Hummingbirds can use sugar to power 100% of their metabolic needs.  Humans can only power 30% of our needs with sugar!

#2.  Average North American Hummingbirds will live 3-5 years.  The longest recorded lifespan of a Hummingbird was 12 years.

#1.  Ruby Throated Hummingbirds migrate from Mexico to Ontario!

source : Wikipedia (

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3 Spring Tips for Your Wild Bird Feeding

Spring has sprung! Now that warmer weather is here, it's a great time to think about prepping your outdoor spaces for a new season of wild bird feeding. Not sure where to begin? Want to learn more about what you can do to attract more birds to your area?

Here are five tips from Purina Mills on how you can refresh your home for feeding the wild birds.

#1 . Keep it Fresh.

Seed sitting through the winter may absorb moisture and become damp or moldy. Refresh your feeders by replacing that seed.

#2. Clean.

Cleaning those feeders from a long winter will help to attract more birds. You can begin by removing any musty or moldy seed, then use a bird feeder brush to clean out the interior. Finish it up with a strong spray from the garden hose!

#3. Who's there?

Do you have 'extra' unwanted critters snacking on your wild bird seed? Try a different feeder to attract the type of wild bird you are looking for.

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Tips For Keeping Your Senior Dog Mentally Sharp

Do you have a senior dog?  Do you wonder about how to engage them and keep them 'sharp' as they age?

Here is a great article from Canidae with helpful tips that you can use to keep your senior dog's mind active.  These simple suggestions can be incorporated into your daily routine with ease.

What do you think of the tips mentioned?  Share your thoughts by commenting!

 Read 'Tips For Keeping Your Senior Dog Mentally Sharp'
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