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Tips for Raising Ducks

Backyard ducks are a fun addition to any family flock! Here are a few fun facts that you may not know about raising ducks. Ducks can be raised with chickens. Hens begin laying eggs at 24-26 weeks of age. We have baby ducklings for sale at our store this year! While raising ducks is very similar to raising chickens, there are a few differences.  … Read More Tips for Raising Ducks


Chick(en) Days 2019!

Save the date for our Purina® Flock Talk™ event during Chick(en) Days on Saturday March 23rd! At this poultry party, you’ll find everything you need to raise your birds #FlockStrong, including: New baby pullets for sale : Plymouth Blue Ameraucana Isa Brown Barred Rock Khaki Ducks (straight run) * What’s the difference between Pullets & Straight Run? Find out here! Expert advice for both … Read More Chick(en) Days 2019!


Free Resources on Raising Chickens

Learn more about caring for your flock with these resources for raising chickens. Any Questions?  We want to help you with your flock.  You don’t have to wait for a special day or event to speak with a chicken expert at Oak Ridge Feed! We’re always ready to help. Free Resources on Raising Chickens Quick Reference New Chick Temperature Chart New Chick Checklist Chicken … Read More Free Resources on Raising Chickens


Chicken Chat : What is the difference between Pullets and Straight Run?

Hello friends! It’s time for a Chicken Chat!  Our goal is help educate all of our friends about backyard poultry. We’re here today to talk about one of the questions that we hear most frequently at Oak Ridge Feed when it comes to starting or expanding your flock.  And it’s an important one!  The answer can have a big impact on the production and … Read More Chicken Chat : What is the difference between Pullets and Straight Run?


Getting Started : Preparing a Space for Your Backyard Chickens

Are you thinking about raising chickens? As you prepare, one of the most important things to consider is how and where you will house your chickens.

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What You Need to Know : Chicken Egg Production and Egg Gathering

As you get started with your family flock, there are a few important facts and tips you need to know about chicken egg production and egg gathering.


Pet Supplies

We specialize in feed, pet supplies, and accessories for all of your animals! Our Purina Mills Animal Nutrition certified staff look forward to helping you choose the perfect toys, treats, or feed for your animal! We have been family owned and operated in Kalamazoo Michigan for over twenty years. Whether you are looking for a good food for your pet or are treating hot … Read More Pet Supplies