Backyard ducks are a fun addition to any family flock!

Here are a few fun facts that you may not know about raising ducks.

  1. Ducks can be raised with chickens.
  2. Hens begin laying eggs at 24-26 weeks of age.
  3. We have baby ducklings for sale at our store this year!

While raising ducks is very similar to raising chickens, there are a few differences.  Here is a run down of everything you need to know to add ducks to your mix!

The first and most important item to note is that ducks will require a steady source of clean water. Water sources for ducks should be deeper than for baby chicks, since ducks will need to dunk their entire heads into the water. Careful though, it shouldn’t be too deep or too challenging for them to get out of the water.  Deep water or hard to traverse water sources could cause tired ducklings to drown.

Top Tips for Raising Ducks

  • Keepin’ it fresh and clean. Ducks love to play in their water (they are ducks of course!) so keeping it clean is a priority.
  • Note : Ducks’ natural waterproofing oil does not appear until 4 weeks of age.  It’s best to wait until they are at least 4 weeks old before swimming them.  Once they are 4 weeks old or older, set up a small swimming pool for them (a kiddie pool will do!) inside their coop or run and watch them enjoy! That is some of the best entertainment.
  • Feed : Some feeds are formulated for use by all types of poultry, but there are feeds that are specifically made for ducks.  Check with us the next time you visit – we’d love to help you choose the right feed (or feeds) for your flock.
  • Flight : Most breeds of ducks that you find at feed stores are too large to fly.  We offer breeds that are well known for their egg-laying ability and mild personalities.
  • Eggs : Duck eggs are delicious! While you can use them in any recipe that you would use with a chicken egg, they are especially delicious in baking due to their higher protein and fat content.  They are also larger than chicken eggs.
  • Bedding : Like your chicks, ducks enjoy straw as their bedding.


We are here to help. Stop in to see us anytime!