Independence Day is a time for celebration, but it can be scary for many of our pets. From fireworks with loud booms and disorienting flashing lights to holiday foods that are strange and potentially dangerous for animals and hot weather, it can combine to a stressful time for our pets.

Here are a few things to consider before Independence Day;


Be sure that your pet has updated identification on him or her. If your pet has a microchip, now is a great time to confirm that your microchip lists your current contact information.

Take updated pictures of all of your animals. If your animals are lost, this is extremely helpful when reaching out to friends, family, and your community to help you find them.

Check your property

Take a walk around your fencing, pastures, coops, or runs to ensure that they are all properly enclosed. This will help you to confirm that your animals will remain contained. If you find that an area is compromised, you will have time to consider your options and remedy it before the holiday.

Keep them safely contained within fenced in areas.

Keep Pets at Home

Are you heading to a relative or friends home for holiday celebrations? It may be best to keep your pets contained safely at home. Not only can it be additional stress for them to be in new surroundings with new people, but when you add in fireworks, heat, and an unfamiliar environment, it can be very scary for them and it is more likely that they could become frightened and run away.

If you do plan to take your pets with you, be sure to find a safe and secure location that they can stay in during fireworks or other potentially frightening activities.

Be sure to use only sunscreen or insect repellent designed for pets on your pets. Human sunscreen or insect repellent can contain ingredients that are dangerous to pets.

Consider boarding your pets instead of taking them with you.

Be sure to not put glow jewelry on your pets or allow them to play with it. The liquid contained in the jewelry, while not toxic, could cause gastrointestinal issues for your pets. Instead, we stock several types of reflective or light up collars and leashes that are safe for your pet to wear while increasing their visibility to others.

Calming Products and Tools

Does your pet suffer from anxiety or fear during holiday celebrations? We stock a variety of calming aids for any type of pet. These could be treats with calming aids, pheromone supplements, or gear for your pet designed to keep them calm. We’re here to help!

Food Safety

During the holidays, we typically enjoy different and richer food. While we love to include our pet in a lot of what we do, it’s best to skip sharing table scraps. Check out this list of common toxic foods from the AVMA.

Also, be careful to keep pets away from hot grills or smokers while they are in use. This is a potential for injury.

Be sure to keep alcoholic beverages away from pets.

Hot Weather Dangers

Heat also causes stress and potentially dangerous situations for pets.

Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle for any amount of time during warm or hot weather. The interior of a vehicle heats up much faster and hotter than the outdoors. Even on a warm day, this can be deadly.

Humidity is also dangerous to pets. Consider both heat and humidity and how they could impact your pets. Be sure that they always have access to shade and water. For animals in barns, consider air circulation and adding a fan to cool them down. Don’t leave pets outside for extended periods of time without access to these items.

Clean Up after the Fun

Be sure to clean up all firework debris after your celebrations. Walk your property and ensure that all small chunks of fireworks or paper is picked up. If eaten by your animals, this could be dangerous for their health.

Check your fencing and pastures to ensure that they are still in good condition after the holidays.

We’re here to help!

We are ready to help you care for your pets this 4th of July. Please reach out (visit us, call us, message us). We hope you have safe and happy holiday celebrations!